This is an online course on data visualization for upskilling professionals in all sectors running 04. May – 10. July 2021


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Teaching Approach / Philosophy

Visual literacy and culture, visualisation design and target audience all account for differences in interpretation and use of visualisations. How do you design to ensure your audience receives the message you intend to deliver?

Our approach to teaching data visualisation is to present first foundational lectures in data visualisation, to build or improve on visual literacy. Successfully designing and implementing visualisations that inform the end user and/or support decision-making and task completion requires a combination of creativity, a scientific approach to methodology, context awareness and/or domain expertise.

We have learnt from experience in the field that a hands-on approach, often harnessing multiple perspectives on a data visualisation task, provides an advantage. Participants may complete the course at a distance and through online access of material (including recorded tutorials and demonstrations) and delivery of assignments and projects only. We will add value with a blended approach that supplement online learning with dedicated discussion and tutorial sessions, workshops and invited seminars, and individual “consultancy” sessions, via a virtual classroom.

We are involving participants in course design, through semi-structured interviews with domain experts, along with other visualisation and visual analytics researchers and practitioners. The information we are currently collecting is being used to prepare an online workshop that will provide a taste of the hands-on tutorials before the course runs. If you wish to contribute to this exercise and provide feedback for course design please indicate this using our brief interest survey, or e-mail us.