This is an online course on data visualization for upskilling professionals in all sectors running 04. May – 10. July 2021


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How to Apply

Applications for the course are not handled through the organising team, but centrally through the University of Edinburgh. As any application follows the standard university application proceedure, this section provides more detail on the different forms involved:

Please e-mail us if you’ve any questions not addressed here or in the FAQs.



Register interest in surveys and taster sessions

As part of our course design we are collecting information about participants’ motivations and expectations, along with prior experience in visualiation. The form may also be used to register interest in hands-on taster sessions.


Eligibility for funding

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is providing a number of fee waivers; people normally resident in Scotland (for at least 3 years) may qualify for funding – more detail on eligibility is available and access to an assessment form. You may also qualify for funding under the new National Transition Training Fund. Waivers are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. While the funding cap has not yet been reached, we suggest you apply for assessment as soon as you decide to take the course.

Applications are currently being processed; if you meet the basic requirements and have not yet received a response for an application for assessment you should receive one in due course. You may complete a course application in the meantime – please note this in the funding section and the applications will be linked.


Completing course application form

A single form is in use for a set of courses within the Bayes Centre’s Data Skills Workforce Development portfolio; the form must therefore satisfy all courses’ requirements and also the University of Edinburgh’s formal requirements for applications. Bearing in mind that the data visualisation course has an atypical target student group, we highlight mandatory sections and where our requirements may differ from the standard, and provide answers to common questions from applicants. Please e-mail us if you have any other questions.

Guidelines follow on how to fill in the University’s application form.

Starting data

Please select start date 1 May to open the application form. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. We recommend applying as early as poosible and at least two weeks in advance of the course start (4 May).

Sections 1–3

cover basic personal details – the form will indicate fields that are required.

Section 4– Programme

We highlight below only those sections that are mandatory. You may leave other sections blank or enter N/A

Personal Statement

You MUST state that you are registering for the course ‘Data Visualisation for Professionals’ here. This field asks also for some indication of your motivation for taking this course.

Relevant Knowledge/Training Skills

Please provide a brief summary, describing how you qualify to take the course – the form provides some detail about what is required here.

Sections 5– Qualifications & 6– Employment

Because is is accredited, the university requires evidence that you are qualified to take the course. Please provide information on either academic or professional qualifications:

  1. evidence of completion of a university degree, using copies of certificates or transcripts or links to institutions that generate formal verfication of your degree. Please note that ANY university degree is acceptable; we do NOT require applicants to have a technical or computer-related degree. If you do not have a degree or other tertiary qualification please enter N/A for this section.

  2. a CV detailing professional experience. As above, this may be in ANY domain or sector. Please note that your professional experience overall, beyond school, rather than current employment status, is what is of relevance to this application. We have interest registered by professionals across a wide range of sectors, educational backgrounds, in paid, unpaid and out of employment; we anticipate each will bring their experience in life and at work to enrich learning during hands-on sessions.

Section 7– Finance

If you have made an application for a fee waiver please state this. If you used a different e-mail from that for this application please provide that here so that the two applications may be linked. If you meet the eligibility requirements for a waiver but have not yet applied for one please indicate here whether or not you wish to be considered for one.

If you do NOT qualify for a waiver please e-mail Bayes for more information about paying for a place.

Section 8– Referees

You may be required to provide a referee – this may be your current or a previous employer, a colleague who knows you in a work or more informal capacity. While a formal letterhead is preferable, considering the restrictions of the current lockdown a reference by e-mail, preferably from an organisational address, that also states the working relationship with your referee may be submitted.

If you provide a peer / colleague / personal referee please ask them to indicate in their reference understanding of your capability to take the course. This does not need to be explicit, but may refer, for example, to a working relationship, or mention capabilities or skills they have observed in their interaction with you, or relevant activities you have undertaken. Please note that such references do not have to be on a letterhead.

Please provide contact details including e-mail in this section; the University will send information on how to submit the reference directly to your referee.