This is an online course on data visualization for upskilling professionals in all sectors.

15. June 2020 - 17. July 2020


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Topics & Schedule

The schedule is a guide and subject to change. Optional courses and hand-on tutorials especially may be adapted to meet more closely the needs of participants.

The course is expected to require a total time investment of 10-15h / week, roughly split into

The course features


Each week is structured in to two sessions covering 2 different topics.

Week 1: Foundations

Weeks 1 & 2 focus on mandatory topics to provide a general understanding of the main concepts in data visualisation design.

Week 2: Design & Tools

Week 3: Techniques:

Week 3 focuses on visualisation techniques for specific data types.

Week 4: Application areas

Week 4 looks at the application of data visualisation in a variety of scenarios with an aim to help participants identify and select from different solutions for the challenges defined.

Week 5: Advanced Topics

Week 5 concludes the course with a set of advanced topics, from which participants will select options to focus on, ideally in line with their project.